HOLY FIELD - LOOKING BACK (Official Music Video)


HOLY FIELD is responsible for the Nu Metal revival wave sweeping the globe today, with their new title "Looking back". The band demonstrate their musical ability to lead, shape and be at the forefront of the genre.

HOLY FIELD - Looking back is the perfect example of what a modern-day band are expected to deliver: incredible production work, clean-cut visual representation and the mastery of the digital landscape. Looking back is also a story, a personal experience and a question about individuality.

Why are we here? What is all about? Where are we going? Universal idioms that forever will remain unanswered, but as individual beings, we should still attempt to seek these answers. In today's world, where the future seems so uncertain, the present blurred by lies and truths. Retrospection offers the mind a sweet sense of comfort of the familiar.

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