Hello to all !
Do you know what happens on March 20th?
Some clues: nature wakes up, flowers bloom again, birds sing,...
It's the spring equinox!
To celebrate the arrival of spring and the beautiful season we invite you to a beautiful afternoon from 3pm at MSJ Production!
The program is very special:
1- PHOTO SESSION: We want a small part of you on the cover of our new album! 📸
2- APERO: Come and have a toast with us and the BadFish team! 🍺
3- PRIVATE CONCERT: exclusively the new set of HOLY FIELD in MSJ Production🎸🎤 studios
4- NEW CLIP: Last but not least! On the occasion of the release of our new opus in May. There will be in preview the projection of the new clip ! 📽️
And remember: the friends of our guests are our guests! So come in great numbers and in a good mood! See less

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