Rock Special - SRF 3

Rock Special - SRF 3

HOLY FIELD's single LOOKING BACK was featured on the extremely popular show Rock Special hosted by Dominic Dillier.  

The Rock Special is 100 percent dedicated to the rock category. Metal, punk, garage, alternative - loud and clear.

Played nation wide across Switzerland and reaching millions of new people.

The weeks episode was themed "Rock against collapse: The climate crisis in the rock world"

It was all about songs about environmental protection have been around for as long as rock music was around. Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and the Beatles did it. The climate crisis is also currently reflected in the rock world. The best rock songs about the impending climate collapse. From Pearl Jam to Gojira, from Sepultura to Faith No More. 

Click the link to go have a listen: Rock Special - SRF 3

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